Legislative Assembly clerk ‘on leave’ following conduct complaints

(File photo/CKLB)

Tim Mercer, the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, is currently “on leave” while the Board of Management assesses complaints into his behaviour.

The Legislative Assembly confirmed that Mercer was away, but did not say whether he took it upon himself to step down temporarily, or was asked to do so by the board.

This comes after April Taylor, a staff member in the clerk’s office; and Steve Norn, MLA for Tu Nehdé-Wiilideh, have called for Mercer’s removal. It was revealed that Chief Electoral Officer Nicole Latour also has concerns with Mercer’s conduct.

The board is chaired by Speaker Frederick Blake Jr., who is also Mercer’s supervisor, and made up of MLAs Jackie Jacobson, Caitlin Cleveland, Diane Archie, and Paulie Chinna.

Correction: A previous version of this story said that Nicole Latour has spoken publicly about her concerns with Mercer. This is not the case. Latour sent a letter to MLAs and that letter was reported in the media, but she has not spoken publicly. CKLB regrets the error.

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