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We can give the appropriate visibility to your company or campaign. We have the capacity to produce custom ads according to your needs and budget.
Our competitive rates will fit any budget, as we are able to negotiate a reasonable rate depending on circumstances. Send your message farther, for a longer span of time and to the widest audience possible on CKLB radio.

Giving you the possibility to advertise in six different languages:
English, North & South Slavey, Tlicho, Gwich’in and Denesuline (Chipewyan). CKLB allows you to target your message to any, or all, audiences in the NWT.

CKLB reaches over 30 communities, as well as three diamond mines, located across 1.1 million square kilometers of the Northwest Territories. This provides for you and your company the opportunity to convey your message to every NWT.

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