‘Nay’: Katrina Nokleby delays debate on cabinet seat

The debate will now likely only take place on Wednesday.

(File photo/CKLB).

Katrina Nokleby was the sole vote against a motion to debate her position as part of the executive council.

Premier Caroline Cochrane introduced a motion to revoke Nokleby’s seat after removing her from the Industry, Tourism and Investment, and Infrastructure portfolios last week.

The premier has repeatedly cited concerns with Nokleby’s performance as the source of her decision, but has been scant on details.

The move surprised some MLAs by being given short notice before the decision was announced publicly.

“I’m reluctant to share too many details about the concerns with the minister’s personal performance that have been raised by our colleagues,” said the premier in a video published on social media Friday evening.

“These concerns were raised by both regular MLAs and ministers,” she added, “and dealt with matters like professionalism, responsiveness to requests from MLAs, willingness to work with standing committees and openness to hearing the views and perspectives of MLAs and ministers.”

But, according to the premier all of this happened during confidential meetings so she wouldn’t go into specifics.

Unless MLAs seek unanimous consent to deal with the motion of revocation tomorrow — a move believed to be unprecedented— the debate will only happen on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

Prior to the session, CKLB asked cabinet communications if the premier would be taking questions. We have not received a response.


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