Meet Devon Felker and his passion for remote-control planes

(Courtesy of Devon Felker)

Devon Felker is a 24-year-old Hay River resident, member and counsellor of West Point First Nation, a Remote-Control (RC) planes enthusiast, and a confirmed RC pilot, despite picking this hobby six months ago.

“I used to have one [RC plane] when I was a kid and I always thought it’s awesome to just have your own little air show,” Felker said. “They’re pretty hard to get the hang of because it’s a little bit hard to fly your own airplane, but new airplanes come with a trainer system so it makes it pretty easy for a beginner to get into.”

Felker shares his love and enthusiasm for RC planes and some amazing footage on his YouTube channel called BrolmSorry.

Felker is passionate: in the span of six months he built his own foam plane, and can fly his planes without the trainer system, while some might have more trouble.

“I’ve had a buddy who’s been trying to learn how to fly with me for maybe three or four months now, and he still uses a trainer system with his plane, so he can’t really do loops and rolls and stuff, but I can fly my plane like helicopter: just off the propeller,” he said.

Although RC planes are an expensive hobby — Felker says he already invested around ten thousand dollars — it’s worth it as it is very relaxing.

“It’s a next level kind of feeling, especially when you’re flying alone.” He said. “Your mind is clear because all you’re thinking about is flying the plane and what you’re doing, and you’re not really thinking about what happened today, or anything else. It really clears your mind. It’s super relaxing.”

Felker has been flying his plane all around Hay River and nearby parks, but one of his favourite places is the Alexandra Falls.

Last weekend, Felker built his own RC gas plane from top to bottom with the help of another RC plane enthusiast from Hay River.

(Courtesy of Devon Felker)

(Courtesy of Devon Felker)

In the near future, if Hay River residents see a small yellow RC gas plane flying by, Devon Felker might not be far away.

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