Délı̨nę loses iconic leader

Tutcho was instrumental in the ratification of the Délı̨nę Got'ı̨nę self-government agreement

Former Deline chief and councillor, Raymond Tutcho, recently passed away in hospital from complications during surgery.

The community of Délı̨nę is in mourning following the loss of one of their most iconic leaders.

Raymond Tutcho recently passed away in hospital as a result of complications during surgery from an undisclosed illness.

Friends and family are expressing their grief on social media including Délı̨nę Chief, Danny Gaudet.

“It with great sadness I announce the passing of a great leader, former Chief, councillor.  So much more I can list but Chief Raymond Tutcho, Mahsi Mahsi for everything you done for us and your family. He never gave up or complained till the end. We have a lot to learn from him,” Gaudet writes on Facebook.

Friend, Phebie Kenny, writes how Tutcho was a great leader. “All the years I have know Raymond Tutcho, he always cared and worked for his people of Délı̨nę and the Sahtu. All his time away from his wife Cecilia and his Children and Grandchildren, he did it for his community. He worked with no bounds and wanted the best for his people.”

Tutcho was instrumental in the ratification of the Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę self-government agreement signed in 2016.

“We are proud to have accomplished self-government through the collaborative effort of many dedicated people,” Tutcho was quoted as saying after signing the agreement.

Tutcho was elected as the first chief under the new government agreement and later sat as a councillor before falling ill.

In 2002, Tutcho was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee Medal.