‘I know it’ll be better for us in the future’: Dettah residents lineup for COVID-19 vaccine

Public health travelled to the community with 190 doses.

Therese Sangris receiving the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. (Francis Tessier-Burns/CLKB)

Therese Sangris laughed through her mask as she held her arm, faking pain after receiving her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Therese and her husband, Modeste, were among dozens of residents that lined up for the vaccine in their home community of Dettah on Friday.

Therese says she was scared at first of receiving a vaccination, mainly because she didn’t know how her body would react.

Dettah Chief Edward Sangris was the first to receive the vaccine in the community. (Photo courtesy of the Department of Health and Social Services.)

“But this pandemic is more scary,” she said, “so it’s best to get a needle.”

Roselle Constantino is a nursing student who helped coordinate the Dettah vaccination clinic.

After receiving the vaccine, residents need to stay for 15 minutes to ensure there are no immediate reactions. In that time, Constantino and others like her, are there to answer additional questions. Constantino says most questions are around common side effects, possible reactions and when the second dose will be available.

“We had a packed, busy morning,” said Constantino. All while respecting COVID-19 capacity regulations, of course.

Therese says overall it was a positive experience.

“I’m happy that I got the needle today because I know it’ll be better for us in the future, maybe we will have a a more calm life so we don’t have to be so scared,” she says.

The Ndilo vaccination clinic will be tomorrow, Jan. 16.

Here is the full COVID-19 vaccination schedule.

Therese Sangris (left) and Modeste Sangris (right) after receiving their COVID-19 vaccine on Friday, Jan. 15. Lena Drygeese (centre) helped the couple by interpreting information for them. (Francis Tessier-Burns/CLKB)

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