Health officials say COVID-19 case in Yellowknife with ‘no known source’

A digital recreation of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

The COVID-19 rapid response team is conducting a “rigorous investigation” to try and find the source of a recent COVID-19 case in Yellowknife.

The office of the chief public sent out an advisory Friday afternoon saying the case so far has “no known source” and the person has “no travel history.”

Now he response team is going through a reverse contact-tracing process to try and identify potential exposure in the 14 days before the person started having symptoms.

“Without knowing the source of infection, it is difficult to fully-characterize public risk,” reads the advisory.

Health officials are asking residents and travellers to “remain vigilant” but that there is “no reason to be frightened.”

They also continue to recommend wearing a mask in public, maintaining social distancing and frequent hand washing.  And if you develop symptoms, then you should arrange for testing.

They’re also reminding residents of the high number of COVID-19 cases in other parts of the country.

“With this information in mind, and a safe, effective vaccine around the corner, we need to redouble our commitment to sticking with our self-isolation plans when we return.”

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