Fort Providence meets with RCMP to halt the flow of illegal liquor into the community

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Leadership in the Hamlet of Fort Providence is taking complaints about liquor in the community seriously and has met with the RCMP to step up enforcement.

Both Deh Gah Go’tie Dene Council Chief Joachim Bonnetrouge and Mayor Danny Beaulieu say they have received “numerous direct complaints from concerned community citizens” about liquor usage.

They met with the RCMP on Thursday, April 9  to request more check stops to halt the influx of alcohol into Fort Providence.

“This was done to protect our community,” the leadership stated in a news release.

The leaders say vehicles that were stopped transporting large amounts of alcohol into the community had their booze confiscated by the RCMP.

They added that, the RCMP is waiting for direction from the NWT Liquor Commission on what to do with the confiscated liquor.

“The RCMP have been doing quite a commendable job to-date, dealing with unusually heavy drinking and partying in our community during the past ten days,” they said.

Leaders in Fort Providence are calling on their residents to adhere to the NWT current state of emergency respecting the orders issued by the Chief Public Health Officer.

“Social distancing in our community is not quite happening yet,” the leadership said.

CKLB Radio has contacted the NWT Liquor Commission to inquire about what will happen to the confiscated alcohol. We are waiting to hear back from them and will post an update when the information becomes available.




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