Deh Gáh Got’îê First Nation youth to take the stage at Miss Indigenous Canada

“To be an Indigenous woman in Canada today, I think it’s taking all of what my ancestors and family have been through and putting it out there into an environment where I’m able to do what I love, be passionate and work towards things that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Meet Meghan Breen, a 21-year-old  member of  Deh Gáh Got’îê First Nation running for the first-ever Miss Indigenous Canada event.

“I’m really excited to represent such an amazing community that has been behind me my whole life,” she says.

Although Breen has lived in Alberta her whole life, she says she’s always felt a strong connection to her community.

Breen is in her final year at the University of Alberta and plans on using her Psychology degree to help those suffering from inter-generational trauma and substance abuse.

“I’ve always learned about the trauma that my community and my family has endured as an intergenerational trauma survivor,” she says, “So I always grew up knowing that without them persevering through their hardships and traumas that I would not be here today.”

Breen says she plans on advocating for Indigenous youth as part of her campaign. She says she understands from personal experience, the trials young people face in small communities.

“I think supporting me, will help me inspire others. And maybe next year, there’ll be other women that want to do something like this.”

Unlike traditional pageants, this program is not about the superficial but about cultivating young leaders and giving women opportunities to connect with peers, celebrate each other and work towards promoting culture.

“I definitely see myself in a lot of my ancestors and I’m hoping that they’re looking down on me, wherever they may be, and are proud of me for what they’ve been through,” she says.

The Miss Indigenous Canada event is a three-day retreat held on Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario from July 24th to the 27th. Along with the competition the program will be filled with workshops, guest speakers and activities.

“Even if I didn’t win, it’s a win in itself making all those connections and (learning) knowledge  I can have with me forever,” says Breen.


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