Six-year-old recovering in Edmonton hospital after he’s hit by truck near Snowcastle

The Kochon family. (Photo courtesy of Sunita Kochon.)

It was a terrifying experience for mother Sunita Kochon after her son Preston Kochon was run over by a truck on Sunday in Yellowknife near the Snowcastle.

CKLB Radio recently wrote about the six-year-old trapper from Colville Lake and his love for being out on the land with his grandfather. Now, Preston is recovering in an Edmonton hospital after the accident.

Sunita Kochon (L) and her son Preston Kochon. (Photo courtesy of Sunita Kochon.)

Kochon says it was supposed to be a fun day visiting the Snowcastle when Preston ran in front of the truck driving on Great Slave Lake.

“He was hit and pinned under the right front wheel of the truck,”  Kochon said. “I was screaming and yelling at the driver of the truck to call the ambulance.”

Marie York-Condon is a spokesperson for Yellowknife RCMP.

“At approximately 4:16 p.m., on Sunday, March 8th, Yellowknife RCMP were called on the scene of a motor vehicle collision at the Dettah Ice Road,” York-Condon told CKLB Radio.”One child pedestrian sustained an injury and was transported to hospital by EMS.”

The investigation is on-going and there have been no charges laid, the RCMP said.

“We do not have further information on the injuries,”  York-Condon said. “RCMP won’t be commenting further due to protected personal information under the Privacy Act.”

Kochon says Preston is currently in an Edmonton hospital recovering from the horrific accident.

“They did a CT Scan, plus x-rays and they said everything is good that he has no broken bones or internal bleeding,” Kochon said. “Edmonton doctors are keeping an eye on him at the moment because the accident caused him to have a kidney laceration.”

Kochon says Preston’s grandparents drove from Yellowknife to Edmonton on Monday to be with the family.

“They got here at 2 a.m.,” Kochon said. “To be with us.”

The staff at CKLB Radio would like to send a big get well soon to our favourite little trapper from Colville Lake and hopefully, you will be back out on the trap line in no time.

To add your greeting of support on social media to the Kochon family use #GetWellPreston.

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