Indigenous creator highlight: JULE$

JULE$ from Tulita. (Submitted by JULE$)

JULE$, 15, is an aspiring artist from Tulita hoping to make it out of the North with his music. 

“I want to take my name bigger than the Northwest Territories,” says JULE$.

He got interested once the pandemic was announced with more time on his hands, he began rapping for fun and didn’t take it seriously. 

“My first real song was ‘No Time’. That’s when I started to like music cause the song was actually blowing up with like a thousand views. And then I just thought to myself, ‘I should just keep doing this’,” says JULE$. “I made ‘No Time’ at my sister’s house. And then it just really started to go from there.”

Before he became JULE$, he was known as Lil Macc due to his last name, McPherson, but changed it this year. 

JULE$ takes inspiration from Kayne West, Drake and Kendrick Lamar for their beat selection and lyrics. This past summer, he met with another artist Samad Savage and they collaborated on his next song ‘Years Of The Chase’ that will be out on Dec. 3rd. 

“My album is dropping sometime (between) Christmas and New Year’s. That’s going to be like about 15-17 songs,” says JULE$ on his next album ‘From the Ashes’. 

You can stream JULE$ on all streaming platforms.