Islamic Centre donates meat to several charities across Yellowknife

Left to right: Coleen McClean-Cham, volunteer coordinator of the YK Food Bank, Nazim Awan, Islamic Centre of Yellowknife chair, Rayyan Awan, and Joanne Teed, YK Food Bank vice president. (Photo by Luke Carroll)

The Islamic Centre of Yellowknife donated meat to several organizations across the city to celebrate Eid ul Adha in early August.

Nazim Awan, chair of the Islamic Centre of Yellowknife, made his first stop to donate the food at the Yellowknife Food Bank on Wednesday afternoon.

Rayyan Awan was volunteering to carry meat to the various organizations. (Photo by Luke Carroll)

“Feeding people who are hungry is the best deed in Islamic culture,” Awan says. “A hungry person is a hungry person, Muslim and non-Muslim, whatever, they are brother and sister in humanity.”

Awan also made donations to the Native Women’s Association of the NWT and the Alison McAteer House.

The sacrifice of meat has been done annually for the past 10 years by the muslim community in Yellowknife.

Left: Nazim Awan, chair of the Islamic Centre of Yellowknife and Coleen McClean-Cham, volunteer coordinator of the YK Food Bank. (Photo by Luke Carroll)

Joanne Teed, YK Food Bank vice president and Coleen McClean-Cham, volunteer coordinator, agreed the donations come at a good time.

“You can see, the shelves are pretty bare,” McLean-Cham says.

The pair say the pandemic has created an increase in dependence on the food bank for many people and are encouraging the public to make donations.

Anyone interested in donating to the YK Food Bank can do so by cheque, e-transer or at the Yellowknife Co-op.

The shelves at the YK Food Bank are becoming to look bare and the organization is looking for donations. (Photo by Luke Carroll)


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