No ‘ongoing heightened risk’ of COVID-19 at Diavik: GNWT

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Dr. Kami Kandola, the NWT’s chief public health officer, says there is no longer a risk of COVID-19 at Diavik Diamond Mine.

Her office has completed its investigation into the recent case. Following several negative tests, the 27 people in isolation have been released and the worker who contracted the virus has returned to Alberta.

Worker rotation

In a news release, Dr. Kandola’s office says residents “should feel confident that there is no reason to believe your community is at any additional risk” despite the recent case at the mine.

“If you are returning to work for rotation, you should feel confident that you’re doing so just as safely as you did last time,” it adds.

Dr. Kandola’s office is still urging residents “stay vigilant”.

“For us, this is just a really good example of what a huge difference taking precautions can make,” said Mike Westwick, COVID spokesperson for the GNWT, in previous communication with CKLB.

He adds precautions like physical distancing, and keeping gatherings to a minimum can help in “breaking the chain of infection”.

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