ITI investing in 20 mineral exploration projects

According to a press release, mining and exploration regularly directly contributes more than 20 per cent of total economic activity annually in the Northwest Territories. Arthur C. Green/Submitted Image

The Government of the Northwest Territories is investing in 20 mineral exploration projects for the next year.

The funding, announced in a press release, is part of the department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) Mining Incentive Program.

The total available funding is $1 million, $744,353 of which is awarded to corporate applicants and $251,060 to prospectors.

Individual corporate projects are eligible for up to $240,000 in funding and individual prospectors are eligible for $25,000.

ITI received 28 applications for the funding.

Project compliance with public health orders and proposed NWT spending were both taken into account in the selection process.

This is the seventh year of the program, that has invested approximately $3 million into mining since 2014.

Successful applicants include:


  • BNT for gold
  • Cheetah Resources Corp. for Nechalacho Rare Earth Elements Project
  • Fortune Minerals Ltd. for the NICO Cobalt-Gold-Bismuth-Copper Project
  • Gold Terra Resources Corp. for Yellowknife City Gold
  • North Arrow Minerals Inc. for diamonds
  • Pine Point Mining Ltd. for led and zinc
  • StrategX Elements – 393 for cobalt


  • Blake Mowbray
  • Brayden St. Pierre
  • Colin Ross
  • Danny Yakelaya
  • Dave Nickerson
  • Dave Smith
  • Dave Webb
  • Drake Hyden
  • Florent Pons
  • Jared Suchan
  • Lane Dewar
  • Ryan Bachynski
  • Wayne Kendrick


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