Sahtu Youth Network calls on youth to “show us your skills” in photo and video contest

(Photo courtesy of the Jessie Yakeleya.)

The Sahtu Youth Network (SYN) is holding a photo and video contest on social media called “show us your skills”.

“The photos and videos will be a way to encourage folks to share their knowledge with others and is a way to connect folks around the Sahtú,” said Sahtu Renewable Resources Board’s Research Coordinator Jessie Yakeleya.

Yakeleya says the submitted videos and pictures are a way to encourage residents to share their skills with others around the Sahtu region and promote the SYN.

“The goal of the Network is to create a strong leadership program for the youth in the Sahtú and provide a space for them to support each other and represent the youth in decision-making forums,” Yakeleya said.

Yakeleya says submitted videos to the “show us your skills” contest should show yourself in action completing a task and pictures submitted should include a maximum 200-word answer describing what you are doing in the photo.

Yakeleya says participants will be separated into two categories. The grand prize winner will receive an IPad to “encourage further digital literacy and learning.”

Yakeleya is encouraging people who wish to enter the contest to post a photo on social media with the hashtag #SYNSAHTUSTRONG or by emailing them to

The deadline to enter is midnight on May 29.

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