Team NT Athletes affected by cancellation of the Arctic Winter Games will receive full refund of fees

Team NT 2020 for snowshoeing. Mary Rose/CKLB Radio

Team NT Athletes of the Arctic Winter Games which has been cancelled due to ongoing concerns over coronavirus will receive a full refund of fees.

Doug Rentmeister is the Executive Director of the Sport North Federation.

“While we are all disappointed, the health and well-being of the thousands of people who would have been participants, volunteers or spectators at the Games were far too important,” Rentmeister said in a news release. “Team NT officials are still working on all the details related to the cancellation of the Games.”

However, Team Athletes will not be left in the cold when it comes to the fees incurred to participate in the 2020 Arctic Winter Games which was supposed to be held in Whitehorse.

“I am pleased to advise that all participants will be allowed to keep their uniforms,” Rentmeister said. “And that the $350 participant fee will be refunded.”

Rentmeister says over the next coming days, Sport North will work diligently to complete all necessary tasks related to the cancelation of the Games.

“Please watch our social media channels for any further updates,” Rentmeister concluded.

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