Hay River RCMP begs drivers to slow down near fire crews

Drivers have been caught doing up to 70 km/h over the speed limit.

(Photo courtesy of Hay River RCMP)

As fire crews continue their work along N.W.T. highways, the Hay River RCMP is raising the alarm about drivers speeding through work zones.

Police issued a statement on Tuesday morning denouncing the excessive speeds clocked in recent days and urging drivers to slow down.

Two incidents in particular stand out, both from last Sunday: The RCMP stopped a driver who was going more than 70 km/h over the 90 km/h speed limit. Just ten minutes later, another driver was stopped doing 140 km/h when the speed limit was 90 km/h.

The first driver has been ordered to appear in court, while the second was issued the maximum allowable fine.

“Speeding on the highway continues to be an issue around the territory,” the statement reads. “There is no justification for traveling at reckless speeds and doing so in the presence of fire fighters is even more egregious.”

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