Accolades for Hay River RCMP on Halloween night

Heron says the response was heart-warming

A simple act of kindness by Hay River RCMP on Halloween night is getting plenty of praise from the community.
Ryan Heron’s niece,  eitht-year-old Daenerys (Dani) Daigneault, dressed up as a police officer, so he and his wife decided to stop by the Hay River detachment and try to get a photo with an officer.
Heron says the response was heart-warming.
“To our surprise, not one but two officers took the two minutes to grab a photo with our niece,” writes Heron on Hay River’s Facebook community page.
“To say the least, those two made her night. We can’t thank the RCMP enough as I’m sure they’re usually busy, much less on Halloween.”
Heron’s kind words were followed by more praise from other community members about the RCMP’s generosity.
“Thank you officers for making a child’s Halloween evening the happiest ever and thank all of you for everything you do to keep our town a safer, happier place to live,” writes Faye Eliason.
Danielle Havioyak-kolaohok joined the chorus of praise, saying she stopped by an officer’s home while trick-or-treating with her son who received an entire box of bear paw chocolates.
And the accolades for the RCMP kept coming – not only from Hay River, but also from other communities.
“What an awesome picture,” writes Dolly Tsetso of Fort Simpson where she says she witnessed similar acts of kindness from the RCMP on Halloween night.
“The police in our communities are just as great. Here in Simpson they (RCMP) were driving around and giving happy tickets to the little ones. That sure made their evening. Thank you so much.”
So far, Heron’s Facebook post has generated more than 20 comments including one from Ken Comeau that a simple act of kindness can go a long way.
A true meaning of Serve and Protect. The young always remember kindness.”
Meanwhile, Heron says he’s not sure if his niece wants to become an RCMP officer but adds the fact that she chose her own costume might be a good indication.
“Community reaction is amazing to say the very least.”