Individual diagnosed with COVID-19 in Hay River

Screen capture of a Canadian North video showing off the new design on its planes.

One person has tested positive for COVID-19 in Hay River.

A public health notice says the person was tested after returning from domestic travel. They are now isolating and doing well, according Dr. Kami Kandola, chief public health officer.

Her office identified two flights with possible exposure risk stemming from this case:

  1. Canadian North, flight 238 from Edmonton to Yellowknife, Dec. 4. Rows 4-10 are affected.
  2. First Air, flight 608 from Yellowknife to Hay River, Dec. 4. Rows 7-13 are affected.

Health officials say they have contacted everyone affected on the First Air flight. They are tracking down passengers affected on the Canadian North flight. They are asked to call 867-767-9120 to arrange for testing.

Public health says there is no exposure risk within the community.

Following the initial advisory, Dr. Kandola issued a statement dispelling social media rumours that there was more than a single active case in Hay River.

“There are no additional cases of COVID-19 which have been identified at this time, no one being sought by the GNWT or any other agency, and no one who is unaccounted for in our investigation,” she says. “This situation is under control.”

The statement continues, “Please do not spread misinformation and rumours. They hurt all of us by causing needless panic, and will prevent people from coming forward for COVID-19 testing. Being kind to each other is how to get through this – not with fear.”

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Francis Tessier-Burns
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