Mandatory masks coming to NWT airports

The rule will go into effect on Oct. 13.

Masks will be mandatory for all travellers and employees entering NWT airports. (Yellowknife Airport photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Masks are becoming mandatory at airports across the Northwest TerritoriesĀ starting Oct. 13.

“As passenger traffic continues to increase, this requirement will help keep travellers and employees safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” a press release reads.

Travellers are already required to wear a mask while going through security and in order to board flights.

Masks can be temporarily removed for eating, drinking, taking oral medications or identification purposes when instructed by security.

Exemptions for the rule will include those who have medical reasons to not wear a mask, as well as individuals unable to remove their mask without assistance, and children under the age of two.

The public is encouraged to bring their own mask but there may be some available for use at airports.

The use of a mask is recommended by the chief public health officer as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is particularly recommended when impossible to ensure physical distancing in public settings such as airports.

The release says travellers are still encouraged to wear masks in airports before they become enforced.

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