Diavik mine worker’s COVID test confirmed as positive

21 people are currently self-isolating.

(File photo/CKLB)

A presumptive COVID-19 case at the Diavik Diamond Mine was confirmed as positive Thursday afternoon.

Twenty-one workers are in isolation as a result of the positive test, says a news release issued by the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer (OCPHO).

The individual who tested positive is a worker from Ontario, as a result the OCPHO says the case will not count towards the NWT’s total.

The individual’s positive COVID test was confirmed by a lab in Alberta.

Initially 37 people at the mine were required to self-isolate out of precaution.

However, the release adds it was determined 16 could be released.

The Diavik Diamond Mine has medical experts on-site and will be in regular contact with public health officials.

Another Diavik mine worker — who was from Alberta — previously tested positive to COVID-19 in late July.

The virus was not reported to have spread to any other workers as a result of that incident.

The OCPHO says in the release the current case does not present any additional risks to communities or workers on-site.

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