New liquor restrictions by GNWT places daily purchase limits

Yellowknife's Downtown Liquor Store (CKLB File Photo)

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) will now limit the amount of alcohol that customers can purchase during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers are now limited to a maximum daily purchase of $200 and daily purchase limits will take effect as of today April 16.

Customers will also be limited to purchasing no more than six 375 ml containers of spirits, commonly known as mickeys.

However, if a customer wishes to make a single purchase of a product that is more than $200 they will be allowed to do so.

The details of the changes enacted were published by the NWT Association of Communities, which also included a memo from Finance Minister Caroline Wawzonek.

In recent weeks, Dene National Chief Norman Yakeleya called on the government with a motion for the restriction and rationing system for alcohol sales in the NWT. Chief Yakeleya says, “the alcohol abuse is complicating the battle against COVID-19 for us.”

Today, the government responded to the motion by amending regulations in the Liquor Act.

“The new restrictions have been created to promote social distancing, ensure the safety of staff and customers, as well as deter bootlegging activity,” Wawzonek said.

Wawzonek says the new restrictions will not apply to the liquor store in Fort Simpson as the community already has its own specific purchase restrictions included in the Liquor Regulations.

CKLB Radio has contacted the Dene Nation to provide a response to the government’s decision. We will provide that information when it becomes available.



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