Fort Good Hope gets plan to address housing needs

Yamoga Land Corporation President Edwin Erutse addresses delegates at the Sahtu Secretariat Inc. annual assembly in Fort Good Hope in August 2019. (Francis Tessier-Burns/CKLB).

The K’asho Got’ı̨nę Housing Society will be building 20 new homes and repairing another 50 to improve housing in Fort Good Hope.

The projects are part of a five-year strategic and housing plan recently adopted by the housing society.

Last year, the NWT bureau of statistics identified Fort Good Hope as one the communities with the most severe housing needs.

In a news release from the housing society, it says two-thirds (65.7 per cent) of residents have core housing needs, 57.7 per cent need repairs, 17.5 per cent live in overcrowded homes and 12.4 per cent are unaffordable.

(These numbers add up to more than 100 because one home can fit many categories.)

The Yamoga Land Corporation took control of the housing society in 2016. A year later, it determined that 75 people were homeless or at risk of homelessness at the time.

In addition to the new units and repairs mentioned above, the five-year plan also intends to house 44 people in transitional housing with the possibility of home ownership.

Throughout the construction and repairs, the housing society hopes to provide opportunities for trade apprenticeships for residents.

“This plan inspires hope for our community and reflects the many voices from Fort Good Hope who have been working to address homelessness,” said Edwin Erutse, president of the Yamoga Land Corporation and housing society.

Erutse also called on the territorial and federal governments to support the plan.

Arthur Tobac is the manager of Ne’Rahten Developments, the business arm of the land corporation.

“We are excited that we now have a plan for how we can work with government partners to safely house our people,” he said. “This is a community plan – by our people, for our people.”

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