Education minister recommends keeping schools closed for rest of academic year

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Minister of Education, Culture and Employment R.J. Simpson spoke with education leaders across the territory on Tuesday to recommend keeping all schools closed until the fall.

The move, according to a news release is, “due to the significant health concerns posed by COVID-19 and the importance of following direction from the chief public health officer on social distancing…”

The representatives agree with the recommendation and will now be bringing it to the various district education authorities, which have the power to close schools in the NWT.

ECE is continuing to work on a plan for Grade 12 students that would have graduated this year.

“ECE will continue to work with the Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association and education bodies to find options for providing education programming to all NWT students, particularly those in Grade 12,” reads the release.

That work will also be done with post-secondary institutions across Canada to ensure students that would have graduated can still access their chosen college or university.

The department and CPHO are also coming up with a plan to continue meal programs, counselling and other wellness programs that are run through schools as they are considered “essential to NWT communities.”

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