Colville Lake community members heading out on the land during COVID-19 pandemic

(Photo courtesy of Stefan Goodman.)

Chief Wilbert Kochon of Colville Lake is helping community members with supplies to prepare them to head out on the land during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are planning to go out on the land and we are helping people in our community with gas and groceries in preparation,” Chief Kochon told CKLB Radio in an exclusive interview. “This virus is serious.”

The decision to head out on the land was made on advice from the National Chief of the Dene Nation Norman Yakeleya.  Yakeleya advised his people this week during a live phone interview on CKLB Radio Tuesday morning to go out on the land to avoid exposure to coronavirus.

“It’s our best option because there are no nurses or doctors around here to provide help if people get sick,” Chief Kochon said. “Some people are not taking the threat of the virus seriously, but it is serious. It’s kind of an unknown.”

Chief Kochon says right now whoever wants to join is more than welcome.

“I don’t think people are scared at this point,” Chief Kochon said. “But we will be prepared.”

As of this morning, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the NWT.

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