In Photos: A day with Sundog Adventures

Arthur C. Green/CKLB Radio

CKLB Radio recently spent a day with Sundog Adventures here in Yellowknife.

Sundog Adventures offer daily tours in Yellowknife which begin at 4 Lessard Drive located on Latham Island in Old Town.

The company offers a unique service. Customers get their very own Kicksled which is pulled by northern husky dogs.

Sundog Adventures have some of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet. Each dog is well trained and you will feel like you’ll want to take them home after your unique experience with them.

Your guides from Sundog Adventures are well trained and knowledgeable of the area you’re touring. Matt Mitchell (Pictured) made me feel like I was hanging out with my best friend.

CKLB Radio’s Blayne Ly zips across Great Slave Lake during our tour. Each customer gets their own dog team which is easily controlled by three commands.

After our Kicksled ride across the frozen Yellowknife Bay, we stopped at Back Bay Cemetery, which is Yellowknife’s first graveyard.

It consists of 35 gravesites from 1938-46. However, Sundog Adventures guided us around the graveyard up a frozen creek so we wouldn’t disturb the site.

After a short walk, Matt guided us to Yellowknife’s Ice Caves.

Matt explained to us how the caves are formed and answered all our questions. You’ll have to take a tour to find out.

Our dog teams waited patiently for our return from the caves. A brief moment later we were on our way back to the Sundog Adventure cabin.

When we returned to the cabin from the tour we were greeted by a warm beverage. Sled Dog Aventures is definitely a unique experience you will never forget.

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