Yellowknife Airport has no plans to implement screening for coronavirus

Masks will be mandatory for all travellers and employees entering NWT airports. (Yellowknife Airport photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

At this time, Yellowknife Airport has no plans to implement screening for coronavirus because flights from overseas do not land in Yellowknife directly.

Agata Gutkowska is an Acting Manager, with the Public Affairs and Communications Policy, Planning and Communications Department of Infrastructure with the Government of the Northwest Territories.

“The immediate health risk from coronavirus to NWT residents is considered low,” Gutkowska said.  “The Yellowknife Airport and the Department of Infrastructure will continue to work closely with the Department of Health and Social Services, acting on their expertise and direction.”

Dr. Kami Kandola, the N.W.T.’s chief public health officer, said in a CBC interview that her office is monitoring the situation and that right now, the majority of reported cases globally are related to exposure in Wuhan, the city in mainland China where the virus was first reported.

“There are no direct flights to Canada from Wuhan,” Kandola said.

However, according to Dr. Kandola, the Public Health Agency of Canada is implementing measures over the coming weeks to detect and contain the infection.


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