Yellowknife woman weighs in on city’s decision to axe Indigenous Relations Advisor position

Maggie Mercredi shows her passion as she addresses a crowd of hundreds on Parliament Hill on the negative effects of residential schools and colonialism

CKLB has been following with great interest the City of Yellowknife’s decision to cut its Indigenous Relations Advisor position.

So has Yellowknife resident Natasha McCagg.

Here is her Facebook post on the issue:

“City of Yellowknife has decided not to fund the necessary salary dollars to continue to fund the Indigenous Relations Advisor position is infuriating.

This position is critical in continuing to work towards reconciliation. Eighteen months is not enough time to undo all of the damage caused by colonization.

It is great that the Federal Government had funding to create the 18 month term Indigenous Relations Advisor position. If we truly care about reconciliation, we will come together & find the necessary resources to continue this work.

Maggie Mercredi has been doing amazing work in the 15 months that she has been with the City, but this work is not complete.

More time is needed. It needs to be an Indeterminate Position.

As a tax payer & business woman I am deeply saddened to see that the City has decided not to make this work a priority.

I believe money could be found in the City’s Budget to keep this position. To do so would show that the City values reconciliation beyond an 18 month term.

My family has been attending the weekly Smudge Ceremonies that Maggie continues to host on Friday’s at 4pm in Council Chambers.

It has been an honour to be invited to participate in this sacred ceremony. It has sparked great conversations within our family.

It has brought us all together to sit in circle & share & support one another as we all work together towards reconciliation.

We look forward to closing our week with the Smudge Ceremony. We invite family, coworkers & friends to join us.

Mahsi Cho Maggie Mercredi for all you have done & for all that you will continue to do in our community.

This work doesn’t end just because a group of elected officials say they cannot find money to fund the position.

Let’s come together as a community to show our elected officials that we value reconciliation.

Plan on attending the Council meeting this Monday. I’ll be there with my family because we care.”



Natasha McCagg

Instagram @natashamccagg

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