Opt-out period of Indian Day School lawsuit approaching

For anyone who does not want to be part of the Indian Day School class action lawsuit, you have until November 18 to opt-out.

Under the proposed settlement, former day school students could qualify for one of five levels of harm. The base level for proving you attended day school is $10,000, while level five, those who suffered the worst abuse, can receive $200,000.

Those who choose to opt-out will not receive any money through the class action lawsuit, but they keep the right to bring and individual lawsuit against the federal government.

Dene National Chief Norman Yakeleya has been a strong supporter of the class action suit, while critics have called it the “best deal for Canada.”

All Indian Day School students are automatically considered part of the class action unless they opt-out. To do so, you must fill the opt-out form that can be found here.

Otherwise, claimants have two and a half years to submit their claim for compensation.

NWT residents can contact the Government of the Northwest Territories for their day school records.

For more information, visit indiandayschools.com

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