K’áhshó Got’ı̨nę baby girl on life support in Edmonton

A young child from K’áhshó Got’ı̨nę (Fort Good Hope) is on life support in Edmonton following sudden organ failure.

A couple of days ago, mother, Gracelyn Lennie noticed her daughter lying on the floor and staring at the wall lifeless before she decided to bring her to Stanton Territorial Hospital.

“She was coughing, puking, (heavy) breathing, and she was taking more naps than usual,” says, Lennie, 19, after thinking it was just the flu.

Soon after being admitted to Stanton, she was quickly medevaced to the University of Alberta Hospital.

Baby Cook was placed on life support shortly after admitting to the University of Alberta Hospital. (Photo courtesy of Gracelyn Lennie)

Her name is Gizelle Cook and she’s 1.5 years old. The reason behind her condition is still unknown, despite her heart, kidney and liver failing.

“It’s honestly so heartbreaking to see and thinking to myself I should’ve done more or why I didn’t bring her in sooner,” writes Lennie on social media.


“What this taught me was never take life for granted, love each other like there’s no tomorrow,” writes Lennie on social media.

Lennie says she watches videos on God and prayer to bring her strength at this time.

Family and friends have since organized a fundraiser to help support Lennie with accommodations, food and other basic necessities.

Janelle Pierrott is the main organizer of the fundraiser and cousin to Lennie. She says they’re a young family, “I just felt that I needed to do something because I always try to give back in some way.”

Pierrott remembers Gizelle as a jolly baby, “always smiling at everyone.”

So far, they’ve raised $2,500. Residents able to contribute to the cause can reach Pierrott at nananpierrot@hotmail.com.


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