Armed Forces training to reinforce skill sets in Canada’s North

Members of the Land Task Force on Operation Nanook-Nunalivut prepare to take off for their patrol from Tuktoyaktuk,, February 20, 2022. (Photo: Lieutenant Miguel Moldez, Joint Task Force North.)

The Canadian Armed Forces are hosting Operation Nanook-Nunalivut March 17, 2024, in and around Resolute, Nunavut and Yellowknife, so expect to see some military vehicles and aircraft in the area.

Over 300 Armed Forces members will work alongside approximately 50 members from the United States, Belgium, Germany, and France.

Land Task Force members make their way across the Arctic tundra during Operation Nanook-Nunalivut, in February 2022. (Photo: Lieutenant Miguel Moldez, Joint Task Force North.)

Members will be conducting activities including joint long-range patrols, austere logistics, and below-ice diving, with support from local and regional partners specializing in Arctic terrain, Arctic infrastructure, and Arctic logistics support.

In a release, the Armed Forces stated the operation is, “a demonstration of the Government of Canada’s commitment to the Arctic and Northern Policy Framework.

“It serves to strengthen the Canadian Armed Forces’ presence in the Arctic while also enhancing our familiarity with the region … (and) our ability to project and sustain forces in the Arctic under the harshest conditions.”

Operation Nanook-Nunalivut has been conducted annually since 2007 in various locations throughout Canada’s North, including Rankin Inlet, Tuktoyaktuk, and Inuvik.