Wildfire update, Aug. 28 7:00 p.m.: YK fire “being held” as GNWT rolls out five-part return plan

No date has yet been set for re-entry.

(NWT Fire photo)

Update: A previous version of this article quoted a fire information officer as stating there had been new fire damage to Paradise Gardens and Patterson Road. Another fire information officer now says this information was given in error, and there was no new damage to Paradise Gardens or Patterson Road.

The fire nearest to Yellowknife has been reclassified from “out of control” to “being held.”

That’s according to updates shared at the most recent GNWT wildfire press conference on Monday afternoon.

“Being held” means the fire is unlikely to spread beyond existing boundaries under forecasted conditions.

That fire remains about 15 kilometres from the city, as it has for weeks.

Although there is no date yet for when residents can return, on Monday afternoon MACA Spokesperson Jay Boast presented a five-part plan for ensuring residents can return: Making sure the community is safe; Checking for damage and identifying critical services; Bringing back essential workers; Setting basic services back up again; and returning residents home.

“It’s not gonna be complete, and it’s not gonna be pretty, but it’ll be enough to welcome everyone home,” said Yellowknife City Manager Sheila Bassi-Kellett.

Near Fort Smith, there was no significant fire growth today, thanks to smoke acting as an “umbrella” for the fire and keeping it shaded, according to wildfire information officer Jessica Davey-Quantick.

No new fires were reported overnight or on Monday.

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