Tulít’a evacuees will return home on Friday

Extraordinary meeting unanimously voted against full evacuation of Tulít’a

A file photo of Tulít’a.

A full-scale evacuation of the Hamlet of Tulít’a is not necessary and evacuees will be returning home on Friday, the decision was taken during a meeting held yesterday morning.

Participants of the meeting were the Tulít’a Dene Band, Tulít’a Land Corporation, and the Métis Leadership groups, according to a post shared on the hamlet’s social media.

The post read that the Department of Environment and Climate Change (ECC) confirmed fire is not of immediate danger to the Hamlet, despite having two separate fires still active nearby.

Sprinklers and hoses will be provided by ECC and will be set up around the community over the weekend.

The Hamlet will be arranging the return of its residents by plane and boat charters from Délı̨nę tomorrow. About 75 Tulít’a residents were registered in Délı̨nę on Tuesday evening, according to a meeting held by the Délı̨nę Got’ine government that same evening.

But residents with pre-existing health conditions are encouraged to consider staying in Délı̨nę. Residents staying in Délı̨nę will have to provide a note from a nurse to ensure expenses and return travel will be covered on a day-by-day basis. Residents with no health conditions wishing to stay in Délı̨nę will have to cover their own travel and expenses.

The Hamlet is currently under a fire ban.

Tulít’a has declared a State of Local Emergency and the Emergency Management Operations Centre is activated, according to a Tulít’a social media post.

For any questions or concerns, residents can call the Hamlet office between 9am and 5pm at 867-588-4471. After hours residents can call 867-374-0018, or 867-374-0370.

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