LISTEN: Dene director captures magic of drum making in new film

Brant Janvier and his son singing a traditional honour song in Heartbeat of a Nation. (Image courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada)

Eric Janvier hopes his new documentary shows Indigenous youth that it’s never too late to learn their culture.

In Heartbeat of a Nation, Janvier captures an intimate afternoon between a father and son as they make a traditional drum.

Janvier’s documentary has been screened in Calgary, Toronto and San Francisco, among other places. Now it is coming to Yellowknife on Nov. 5, as part of the Yellowknife International Film Festival.

The writer/director says he’s excited to have the film shown in a location with a strong Dene population.

About the Author

Francis Tessier-Burns
Francis was a reporter with CKLB from January 2019 to March 2023. In his time with CKLB, he had the immense pleasure and honour of learning about northern Indigenous cultures.