Isolation now the same for vaccination and non-vaccinated residents

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Public health officials have changed COVID-19 isolation requirements.

Now whether a person is vaccinated or not, they will have to isolate for the same amount of time if they test positive or are a known contact.

Anyone who is a contact but not living in the same household as a person with COVID-19 must only monitor for symptoms, maintain physical distancing and wear a mask in all settings for 10 full days after being identified as a contact. If symptoms develop, then they must isolate.

For contacts in the same household as someone with COVID-19, they must isolate for seven days and wear a mask in all settings for three additional days after their isolation ends. Isolation starts on the date and time that at least one household member tests positive. If someone else in the house becomes symptomatic, their isolation then starts from that time and they must inform ProtectNWT or a health care provider.

“The goals of the CPHO are to reduce transmission of COVID-19 while also minimizing disruptions to schools or other critical services,” reads a public health advisory.

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