3 mayors, 1 chief acclaimed in upcoming community elections

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Elections are coming up next month for Fort Simpson, Fort Smith, Hay River, Norman Wells and Inuvik.

Mayors Sean Whelly, Kandis Jameson and Frank Pope — in Fort Simpson, Hay River and Norman Wells, respectively — are acclaimed.

In Fort Smith, Jessica Cox and Fred Daniels are running for mayor.

Council candidates

Fort Simpson:

  • Celine Antoine
  • Troy Bellefontaine
  • Cynthia Browning
  • Walter Blondin
  • Charles Blyth
  • Kyle Christiansen
  • John Dempsey
  • Rosemary Gill
  • Kirby Groat
  • Muaz Hassan
  • Liza McPherson
  • Chris Snider
  • Randal Sibbetson
  • James Tsetso
  • Leslie Wright

District education authority (DEA):

  • Troy Bellefontaine
  • Julia Anne Erasmus
  • Travis Hanna
  • Muaz Hassan
  • Renalyn Pascua-Matte
  • Ray Michaud
  • Brendan Whelly

Hay River:

  • Robert Bouchard
  • Kimberly Brockway
  • Emily Chambers
  • Keith Dohey
  • Linda Duford
  • Jeffrey Groenewegen
  • Keanan Kipling
  • Peter Magill
  • Karen Wall
  • Brian Willows


  • Nikki Ashton
  • Mark Harris
  • Glen McPhee
  • Pennie Pokiak
  • Annette Rupert

Norman Wells

  • Dorathy Alberta
  • Pascal Audet
  • Chris Chivers
  • Heidi Hodgson
  • Kacee Hunter
  • Carol Lorentz
  • Kelly McCoy
  • Timothy Melnyk
  • Alexis Peachy
  • Trevor Smith
  • David Wever


  • Dorathy Alberta
  • Shannon Audet
  • Sarah Baker
  • Danielle Crawford
  • Heidi Hodgson
  • Shauna Spilchak
  • Tamara McNeely
  • Katrina Rose

Fort Smith:

  • Louise Beaulieu
  • Kevin Campbell
  • Michael Couvrette
  • Dana Fergusson
  • Kevin Heron
  • Don Jaque
  • Al Karasiuk
  • Dianna Korol
  • Jay MacDonald
  • Lynn Napier
  • Ann Pischinger
  • Athena Sharp
  • Kevin Smith
  • Leonard Tuckey


  • Laura Aubrey
  • Rebecca Cabell
  • Hilary Turko
  • Roger Vail


Clarence Wood has been acclaimed as mayor. Ex-Mayor Natasha Kulikowski is running for council.

Council nominations:

  • Donovan Arey
  • Tony Devlin
  • Ruth Elanik
  • Jesse Harder
  • Jillian Fitzpatrick
  • Grant Gowans
  • Natasha Kulikowski
  • Desmond Loreen
  • Alana Mero
  • Alfred Moses
  • Kurt Wainman


  • Jennifer Costa
  • James Ruttan

Election day is on Oct. 18, with advance voting beginning Oct. 4.

Other communities

Additionally, Tulít’a and Kátł’odeeche also have upcoming elections.

KFN Chief April Martel is acclaimed, while ten people are running for council.

  • Rebecca Aylward
  • Andy Cardinal
  • Irene Graham
  • Robert Lamalice
  • Shirley Lamalice
  • Pat Martel
  • Peter Sabourin
  • Joyce Studney
  • Michael Sunrise
  • Aaron Tambour

The KFN election will be on Nov. 2.

In Tulít’a, five people have put their name forward for chief.

  • Frank Andrew
  • Lorraine Doctor
  • Twyla Etchinelle
  • Arsene Menacho
  • Brian Menacho

A list of councillor candidates has not yet been release.

The election is on Oct. 23.

Updated Sept. 27 with Inuvik election information.

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