Publication ban lifted on Breanna Menacho murder case

Yellowknife Courthouse (CKLB File photo).

The NWT Supreme Court lifted a publication ban on an agreed statement of facts from a trial of two people found guilty for being accessories to the murder of Breanna Menacho.

The trial found Lisa Brule and Jordan Nande sentenced to 10 months in prison for being accessories to murder, a charge that can result in a life sentence.

The crown applied for a temporary publication ban on the agreed statement of facts, which was challenged by CBC North. The crown argued reporting the facts could influence a potential jury if Devon Larabie, Menacho’s accused murderer, goes to trial.

The ban was lifted on Dec. 17 and details on the case are now public information.

The statement of facts includes that Menacho was among six guests confirmed to be at Larabie’s apartment in Lanky Court at the time of her death. The other guests included Brule and Nande.

At this time, Brule was dating Larabie and living in the apartment.

After the attack, Larabie attempted to keep the rest of the guests in the apartment but three guests managed to escape. Brule and Nande stayed behind.

Larabie then forced Nande and Brule to shower to remove the blood from them.

Larabie then gave the murder weapon to Nande to dispose of and Nande placed it in a bag. It was later recovered by the RCMP in a search through the apartment.

Brule then suggested they use bleach to clean up the blood.

The trio then went to Sunridge apartments in the hopes that an acquaintance would let them into the apartment.

The report claims Larabie was acting nervous and frantic, and the acquaintance did not let him inside.

Later that evening, Larabie threatened to kill Nande if he told the police about the events that unfolded.

On May 6, Menacho was reported missing by her mother.

After receiving a phone call from Nande, Shawn McLeod reported the phone call to the RCMP.

McLeod was asked to burn some stuff inside the apartment by Nande.

“McLeod felt that something was not right,” reads the report.

McLeod noticed the trio was acting “strange” and the positioning of the blanket on the couch led him to believe a body could be underneath.

He snuck away from the group and immediately informed the detachment of his findings.

Menacho was found dead in the Lanky Court apartment on May 6.

Larabie has not entered a plea yet; if he does not do so, the case is expected to go to trial before a judge and jury in Yellowknife.

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