Hay River becomes the first ‘Fibre-to-the-Home’ community North of 60 says Northwestel

Hay River residents are now able to request faster internet speeds as Northwestel begins connecting customers to the new fibre network making them the first “Fibre-to-the-Home” community North of 60.

According to a Northwestel news release, “The new fibre internet packages will deliver up to 16 times faster Internet speeds and twice as much monthly usage than previously available in the community.”

Northwestel says residents in single dwelling homes are now able to submit an online request for Internet speeds up to 250 Mbps.

Only single dwelling homes will be completed in the first phase of this project.

“I am thrilled to introduce Northwestel’s new Fibre Internet service to Hay River. We appreciate the community’s patience with the extra measures we have put in place to complete installation during this special time. I want to recognize our northern employees for their tireless efforts to make Hay River the first Fibre-to-the-Home community North of 60,” Northwestel President Curtis Shaw said.

Residents who live in single dwelling homes who ask for Fibre Internet service can expect a technician visit to complete the install, the company says.

“Multi-dwelling homes (apartment buildings) and businesses require a more complex installation which will be done at a later phase,” Shaw said.

Customers can request their new fibre service installation online at nwtel.ca/HayRiverFibre.





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