Yk resident a true champion for helping the elderly during Covid-19 pandemic

Sheila Champion is doing her part to help the elder community within Yellowknife.(Photo courtesy of Facebook.)

One resident in Yellowknife is doing her part by creating relief bags to help elderly residents during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sheila Champion created a Facebook group over the weekend called ‘YK-Stay Calm and Help Our Elders and Sick’ which is organizing the community to help elders who are less fortunate. The group has grown to almost 350 members and also has local businesses joining the fight.

One of the care packages Champion created to help a senior in our community. (Photo courtesy of Facebook.)

“I created this group because I could feel how people were feeling,” Champion told CKLB Radio. “Scared, confused and not knowing what tomorrow was going to look like. I’ve been there and recognized it all too well.”

Champion knows what it’s like to live in panic. She originally moved to Yellowknife in 1998 but left to move to Fort McMurray until she had to evacuate the city during the wildfires.

“When we were going through it my family went through a hard time,” Champion said. “Canada and our northern family was incredible and made life easier for us.”

Champion says her family has been very lucky since moving back to Yellowknife and she wanted to give back to the community. Through her Facebook group, she is collecting donations of essential items and packing them into relief bags which are being delivered by local business YK Best Movers.

“YK Best Movers reached out to me and offered to help transport any care packages,” Champion said. “Today they will deliver relief bags to four different groups of seniors where hand delivering to one person is not an option.”

Champion says the donations have been overwhelming but there are still items that she needs.

“I need some empty soap dispensers,” Champion said. I could still use some small spray bottles. I am accepting donations of all dry and canned goods, cereals, packaged oats and toilet paper.”

People wishing to donate can drop goods off at 151 Borden Drive Champion says.

“All donations will go to people who need them,” Champion said. “If there is anything left over it will be donated to the YWCA Transitional Housing Program because they help so many families in town.”

Champion says that so many people in the community have reached out to her but admits it’s difficult to accept that help from everyone at this time.

“The best thing they can do is donate a small amount to go towards future care packages,” Champion said.

You can reach Champion by telephone at 780-370-3413 for further information or join the Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/225314275261261/?ref=share

You can also EMT a donation to Champion at yellowknifehelps@gmail.com




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