Yk’s City Cab will spring for panic buttons following cabbie’s murder

Murder suspect James Schiller hides his face with a coat at the Yellowknife courthouse during an appearance last November.

(John McFadden/CKLB photo)

Yellowknife’s City Cab company will pay for panic buttons in all its cabs following the murder of one of its drivers last month.

That’s according to Shirley McGrath, general manager of the company.

She says the decision to install the 10 dollar units in each of their vehicles was made after a meeting of the board of directors last week.

McGrath adds that the button initiates a noise similar to and as loud as an emergency vehicle siren.

McGrath says cab drivers themselves can also install video cameras in their vehicles if they choose to but they have to pay for them themselves.

McGrath says she doesn’t think either device would have necessarily saved the life of Ahmed Ali but might have acted as a deterrent to the violence.

She says there was never any indication that night that Ali was in trouble until he was found bloodied and unconscious in the back seat of his cab at Stanton Territorial Hospital.

A father and son duo from Yellowknife is charged with murder in Ali’s death.

49-year-old James Schiller and his 18-year-old son Elias Schiller are both back in court later this month.

A motive for the slaying has never been established that we know of.

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