Yk father and son murder suspects appear in court

Murder suspect James Schiller hides his face with a coat at the Yellowknife courthouse Friday.
(John McFadden/CKLB photo)

A Yellowknife father and son, charged with murdering a City Cab driver early Monday morning, made separate court appearances in Yellowknife on Friday.

James Schiller, 49, hid his face with a coat as he was led from a prisoner van into the courthouse Friday afternoon.

He remained in the prisoner box and didn’t speak as he was remanded in custody until December 11th.

Schiller’s son, 18-year-old Elias Schiller, appeared briefly in court in the morning and was also remanded in custody until his next court appearance on Dec. 11th.

Both suspects are under court orders not to have contact with each other except through their lawyers.

They are both being represented by Edmonton-based lawyers, neither of whom were in court for Friday’s proceedings.

They are charged in the death of 68-year-old cab driver Ahmed Mahamud Ali.

The Somalian immigrant who had driven for City Cab for more than 20 years, was found in bloodied and unconscious in the back seat of his own cab in front of the emergency department at Stanton Territorial Hospital early Monday morning.

He was later pronounced dead inside the hospital.

A cause of death has not been released.

A funeral was held for Ali on Friday in Edmonton, according to Shirley McGrath, general manager of City Cab.

McGrath, along with more than a dozen cabbies, many of whom are Somalian, were in the courtroom Friday morning to get a look at the accused.

One of them told CKLB outside court that Ali was just trying to do his job and make a living, and that his death has hit the taxi community hard.

He pleaded with the public to not use violence against the city’s cab drivers saying they are just trying to make an honest living and don’t want any trouble.

RCMP announced the arrests in separate news releases this week.

After the first arrest was announced, CKLB asked Mounties if they were looking for any more suspects.

They did not say one way or the other.

Police have not said where or when the suspects were arrested.

According to RCMP civilian spokesperson Marie York-Condon, as the investigation unfolded a second person was identified as a suspect and subsequently charged.

She adds that Mounties do not anticipate further charges at this time, however, she says the investigation continues.

Police have also never said that the second suspect is the father of the original suspect, but CKLB has confirmed that it is.

It is the first time that anyone can remember in Yellowknife where a father and son duo have been charged with the same murder.




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