Drug trafficker to be sentenced April 6

A woman from Yellowknife who pleaded guilty to trafficking Fentanyl and conspiracy to traffic in cocaine will be sentenced on April 6th.

Thirty-nine year old Bonita Bohnet, who is not in custody, appeared in Supreme Court in Yellowknife Tuesday for a day-long sentencing hearing.

Court heard that in 2016 she sold 12 Fentanyl pills to a street level dealer and her phone calls setting up cocaine sales were intercepted by RCMP in a major drug sweep.

Several of those calls were played in court including ones between Bohnet and convicted drug kingpin Norman Hache who is currently in jail.

She was arrested in April of 2016 and spent nine days in jail before being released on bail

Crown prosecutor Duana Praught is calling for a five-year sentence while Bohnet’s lawyer Peter Harte argues that four years would be sufficient.

Court heard Bohnet is a cancer survivor and a recovering drug addict and at least one of her parents is a residential schools survivor.

Harte argued that she sold illicit drugs to feed her own addiction but Praught says greed and profit were her motivating factors.

Praught asked justice Karan Shaner to order Bohnet be placed in custody after the hearing but the judge refused that request.

She remains free on bail until she is sentenced next month.

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