Geoscience Field Assistant Course Launches In Yellowknife

Image of student Shawna Catholique. Photo of courtesy Kristen Berkeley

Indigenous students from across the territory attended the first geoscience field assistant course in Yellowknife.

The five week course jointly offered by Aurora College and the Mine Training Society allows students to learn about geology, minerals and basic survival skills.

Shawna Catholique one of the eight students taking the course says that it has been an amazing opportunity and honour to be selected.

This is the first time this course has been offered in Yellowknife and I am very glad I have been chosen to do it, because it’s a really good experience.

Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment, Wally Schumann says the course has been very successful and can provide numerous employment opportunities.

There’s a lot of relevant stuff that they can be transferrable skills to other occupations I think- from what I clearly see there. It’s an opportunity for access to employment for a number of people and it will get rid of some barriers. So overall, I think its a win-win for everybody.

The geoscience field assistant course launched on May 14th and will run unil June 15th.

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