Yellowknife “Beacons” Named A Finalist for Smart Cities Contest

Courtesy City of Yellowknife

Yellowknife has been named a finalist for the federal government’s Smart Cities Challenge.

The City’s plan to retrofit the city’s existing streetlights into beacons of sustainability in partnership with Ecology North, Northland Utilities, and White Arkitekter has been awarded a $250,000 grant and a chance at attaining the $5 million grand prize.

The awarded grant will be used to prepare a final, more fleshed out Smart Cities proposal.

Installing a reliable network among beacons opens up a variety of possible uses.

Once the network is installed, some of the capabilities for Yellowknife streetlights could include the ability to dim light to reduce light pollution, act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, charge electric vehicles, and host interactive information kiosks.

There are twenty total finalists vying for four different prizes: one prize of up to $50 million, available to all communities; two prizes of up to $10 million, available to all communities below 500,000 residents; and one prize of up to $5 million, available to all communities below 30,000 residents.

Yellowknife is a finalist in the $5 million category, along with three First Nations communities and Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

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