Woodyard/NWT Brewery Named in Canada’s Top 50 Bars

The sole producer of Northern beer has been named as one of the fifty best bars in Canada.

The NWT Brewing Company said their “minds are blown” after being named the forty ninth best bar in all of Canada.

An especially impressive feat considering half of the top fifty were bars in Montreal or Toronto, and only one other bar from the territories made the list.

Co-owner Miranda Stevens says she thinks the bar’s versatility helped them secure a spot in the top fifty.

To us it’s always been the whole package, the food, the beer, the staff and the atmosphere. Hoping all of that combined is what got us into the top fifty.

Stevens also says they’re very happy with how things have been going at the bar, but they’d like to grow the brewery soon.

We just need to expand our capacity so we can be able to supply those businesses. So we’re just feeding our own mouths right now so to speak but with hopes to grow the operation on the brewing side in the next year.

The Woodyard/NWT Brewery has been open since 2015.

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