Woman testifies King beat her the night of homicide

A woman has testified that accused murderer Denecho King beat her up on the same night he is alleged to have killed John Wifladt.

That startling testimony came on day two of King’s murder trial in Yellowknife Tuesday.

King is charged with murder in the death of Wifladt and the attempted murder of Wifladt’s friend Colin Digness in Yellowknife in December, 2014.

The young woman testified she left a party in a cab with King and two other women and headed downtown so King could look for his lost identification.

She says an altercation took place in the taxi and King threw her out of the cab before kicking and punching her in the face.

The witness testified he then threw her back in the taxi, threatened the cabbie not to say anything about the attack before the taxi drove off without King.

She says she suffered cuts and bruises but did not require medical attention.

The same woman testified that King threw a chair at the party and also punched an outer door – cutting his hand.

Her story was backed up on the witness stand by another woman who was hosting the party.

Neither of them could say exactly why King acted the way he did.

The female victim of King’s attack says there was both alcohol and cocaine being consumed at the party.

The prosecutor appears to be trying to show that King was in a violent mood the night he is accused of attacking Wifladt and Digness.

The trial continues Wednesday.

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