Murder trial witness has no memory of night friend was killed

A man who survived an attack that killed his best friend and left him in hospital with serious wounds has no memory of the incident.

Forty-three-year-old Colin Digness testified Thursday at the murder and attempted murder trial of 25-year-old Denecho King in Yellowknife.

Digness told the court that he had been drinking earlier in the day back in December, 2014 – the night John Wifledt was killed.

He testified he remembers having a beer in a downtown bar but has no recollection of anything that happened that night after that.

Digness says his next memory is waking up in hospital in Edmonton with his mother at his bedside.

It is not clear whether his memory was affected by alcohol, his serious head wounds or a combination of the two. 

Court heard Digness had a fractured skull, damage to his left eye, a deep cut to the head and a stab wound to the abdomen.

Digness was medevaced and underwent surgery in Edmonton before being transferred to back and admitted to Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife.

Prosecutors are alleging that King used an ornamental sword that Digness kept in his apartment to attack the two men.

Digness testified that there is no chance that he killed Wifladt in a sword fight that got out of hand.

Digness testified behind a screen that prevented him from having to look at King – although King could see him.

A motive for the attack has yet to be established in court.

King’s mother has been attending the trial – sitting just metres away from Wifladt’s family.

The judge also ruled Thursday that the court – including King – will take a field trip to the Sunridge apartment building where Wifladt was killed.

RCMP will be in charge of security for that trip – the exact date has yet to be established.

There are security concerns surrounding King – at least partly because he escaped from the North Slave Correctional Centre in 2016.

He has remained leg-shackled throughout the trial which continues Friday.

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