Western Arctic School of Music Opens It’s Doors in Inuvik

Aspiring musicians in Inuvik will now have a place to hone their skills with the opening of the Western Arctic Music School.

The school, on Bonnetplume road in Inuvik, opened it’s doors on Monday after the school’s founder and local musician Glen Brake saw how many people in town had interest in music lessons.

Brake says he has been giving lessons for a while but realized there were quite a few talented musicians in town he could bring together for that purpose.

He says there’s a lot of “hidden gems” in the Inuvik music community, and he hopes his school can eventually help to build award winners from Inuvik.

My 3-5 year long term goal is to see someone from the community of Inuvik be represented at the Junos or Aboriginal Music Awards. There’s a lot of hidden gems here, and I want to be able to draw them out and bring them to the school so that they can learn and have a place that they can actually share their talent and become better musicians in a safe environment.

Brake teaches drums, percussion and beginner mandolin, and has other instructors teaching different styles of guitar, bass, banjo and piano.

With it’s opening, the Western Arctic School of Music actually becomes the biggest music school in the territory.

The school could provide a big step in an already growing NWT music scene.

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