Wekweeti Man Just Wants to Spend Christmas as a Family

It’s come to a point where I can’t let this go

Bobby Boline of Wekweeti says this as he discusses the issues he’s having with the boarding home Vital Abel.

Boline’s common law partner Andrea Goose is 35 weeks pregnant and the two are staying at the boarding home.

They have two young children, Charlie Rose and Marshall, who are both under 3 years old and had been spending time with them at the home.

Boline says that Vital Abel staff told him that there had been complaints about his children causing disturbances, and they wouldn’t be able to stay there.

He says he just wants his family to be together for the Christmas season, and doesn’t think they are being treated fairly.

Every night we cry for our kids, I have tears coming down my eyes when I think about them. When I know that I can’t hold them, it’s really difficult. It’s come to the point where we’re being picked on and it’s not fair. Why are we getting picked on? Why are our kids being picked on? We just want to spend time with our kids as a family.

Vital Abel refused to comment.

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