“We moved from Las Vegas due to violence” says Mary Summers

Mary Summers

Mary Jane Goulet Summers is a former resident of Behchoko. She also used to live in Las Vegas.

Summers now resides in Nevada, about one hour from Las Vegas.

She couldn’t believe the news when the carnage erupted

at the Jason Aldean concert, at approximately 10:10pm on October the 1st.

When it was all said and done, 59 people were killed and over 500 were wounded.

Summers couldn’t believe the carnage that happened in Las Vegas that fateful night.

at the sametime, she says she was grateful for the caregivers.

” Thank goodness for the first responders because of all the people that were injured or hurt. Concert goers were

helping each other.”

With all the deceased, among them were four Canadians. Three were from Alberta and one was from British Columbia.

Summers says it’s important for Canadians to use the buddy system when travelling to Las Vegas.

That way, she believes if you have someone with you, you have someone who can watch out for you well being and

vice versa.

U.S President Donald Trump is scheduled to be in Las Vegas today.


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